From playing “Cousin Louie LaRusso” on the hit Netflix show Cobra Kai, to his 25+ years in standup comedy, BRET ERNST is considered one of the best standups in the business. Coming on to the national scene via Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show, he has performed standup on CBS, Showtime, and Comedy Central. His acting credits include Tacoma FD, WEEDS, CSI:NY, and of course, Cobra Kai.

Bret’s astute Principal’s Office comedy special – over 4 million views - is the first hour YouTube comedy special by a standup comedian, a now popular distribution path followed by many comedians. His latest, Domesticated Animal, showcases more of his streetwise commentary and loveable vulnerability. Variety touted Bret Ernst as one of their Top 5 Comics to Watch, with his peers regarding him as a “comics' comic.” **ASSISTIVE LISTENING AVAILABLE; INQUIRE AT FRONT DESK**