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SILLY SUNDAY is always the best way to end your weekend! Every Sunday night, Comix brings in top-quality comedians to perform, and this weekend Comix is bring in some of our favorites! Rocking the stage will be some of the best comedians we have to offer up. -- SPONSORED BY COUNTERWEIGHT BREWING -- **ASSISTIVE LISTENING AVAILABLE; INQUIRE AT FRONT DESK**

JANUARY 28PAT OATES is a comedian, writer, podcaster, father, and a national treasure. PAT is many things but the thing he is the most is funny. PAT was the winner of the 2015 Last Comix Standing competition at Foxwoods casino, defeating 150 other comics. He has appeared on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, E's Talk Soup, Robert Kelly's YKWD, Legion of Skanks, and various morning radio programs and has been selected to be part of the Boston, Baltimore, Rogue Island, Oak City, and Granite State comedy festivals. Joining PAT On Stage Will Be: RYAN BRAUTH & MATT LOPES

JANUARY 7 - MARTY CAPRONI is the funniest comic you haven't heard of before & he likes it that way. Very likely after you see him live, you will never forget him. MARTY has won contests and festivals, he's performed in arenas, theaters, comedy clubs, universities, banquet halls, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, military bases, tents...even an airport lounge. Joining MARTY On Stage Will Be RYAN BRAUTH & BRIAN PLUMB

JANUARY 14BRIAN GLOWACKI is a lovable lunatic from the mean streets of Nantucket Island. With a larger-than-life stage presence and aggressive likeability, he has quickly transformed from a small-town class clown to a nationwide crowd favorite. Brian has made a splash in the comedy world like a fat kid doing a cannonball and is already headlining some of comedy's most well-known stages. Joining Brian On Stage Will Be MATT BROWN & BRIAN PLUMB

JANUARY 21 – BRIAN BEAUDOIN is probably the only comedian who is bigger than his state (Rhode Island). BRIAN has developed the ability to read and work with a crowd like few comics can, from ages 8 to 80 from clean sets to dirty. BRIAN’s high energy performance will leave any audience wanting more. BRIAN uses his life observations as fuel for his comedic fire. Joining BRIAN On Stage Will Be KATIE ARROYO & FRANK GAZZERO