SILLY SUNDAY is always the best way to end your weekend! Every Sunday night, Comix brings in top-quality comedians to perform, and this weekend Comix is bring in some of our favorites! Rocking the stage will be some of the best comedians we have to offer up.

JUNE 13 – MARTY CAPRONI: Never heard of him? Good. He likes it that way. Never forget him? Very likely after you see him live. He's won contests and festivals, he's performed in arenas, theaters, comedy clubs, universities, banquet halls, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, military bases, tents...even an airport lounge. Joining Our Headliner On Stage Will Be: RENEE GAUTHIER & RYAN BRAUTH

JUNE 20 – HOWIE MASON: A headliner from Connecticut, likes the comedy stylings of Robert Klein and Brian Regan. Most of the “weird” things that happen to Mason happen within the family unit. Those weird things and the family offer up a “nice mix of material” for his audience. Joining Our Headliner On Stage Will Be: NEIL RUBENSTEIN & LARRY SOARES

JUNE 27 – BRIAN BEAUDOIN: Is probably the only comedian who is bigger than his state (Rhode Island). Brian has developed the ability to read and work with a crowd like few comics can, from ages 8 to 80 from clean sets to dirty. Brian’s high energy performance will leave any audience wanting more. Brian uses his life observations as fuel for his comedic fire. Joining Our Headliner On Stage Will Be: RENEE GAUTHIER & HOWIE MASON