SILLY SUNDAY is always the best way to end your weekend! Every Sunday night, Comix brings in top-quality comedians to perform, and this weekend Comix is bring in some of our favorites! Rocking the stage will be some of the best comedians we have to offer up. -- SPONSORED BY COUNTER WEIGHT BREWING -- **ASSISTIVE LISTENING AVAILABLE; INQUIRE AT FRONT DESK**

MARCH 26 – SS: JIMMY CASH - Jimmy draws from his experience as a father of a teenage daughter, an uncertain amount of stepchildren, sobriety and 18 years as a public school janitor. Cash can be seen performing stand up at night as way to stay grounded. He has worked with some of the biggest acts in comedy and currently opens for comedian Bob Marley. Jimmy Is Our 2021 Last Comix Standing 2021 Winner. Joining Jimmy On Stage Will Be KATIE ARROYO & MATT BROWN

MARCH 5 – SS: BRIAN GLOWACKI - Brian is a lovable lunatic from the mean streets of Nantucket Island. With a larger-than-life stage presence and aggressive likeability, he has quickly transformed from a small-town class clown to a nationwide crowd favorite. Brian has made a splash in the comedy world like a fat kid doing a cannonball and is already headlining some of comedy's most well-known stages. Joining Brian On Stage Will Be JOE PONTILLO & KRYSTAL DYER

MARCH 12 – SS: MIKE KOUTROBIS - Mike began what would become an outstanding comedy career over twenty years ago in Boston. Mike’s witty and sarcastic commentary has brought him to clubs, colleges and corporations throughout North America, appearing alongside some of the top headliners in the world. Mike has also appeared in various motion pictures such as "Bleed for This" with Miles Teller, "Ghostbusters" with Melissa McCarthy and soon, you can see him in Steven King's series on Hulu, "Castle Rock". Joining Mike On Stage Will Be PAT COLLINS & KINDRA IANSBURG

MARCH 19 – SS: MARTY CAPRONI - Never heard of Marty? Good. He likes it that way. Never forget him? Very likely after you see him live. He's won contests and festivals, he's performed in arenas, theaters, comedy clubs, universities, banquet halls, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, military bases, tents...even an airport lounge. Joining Marty On Stage Will Be BRIAN PLUMB & J.J. JONES