Comix is thrilled to partner with our house hypnotist JIM SPINNATO in bringing to the club this 75 minute show featuring some of the brightest magicians & variety acts New England has to offer. These performances are a combination of magic, illusion & comedy; with lots of audience participation. -- All designed with adults in mind, this is not a children's magic show. Age Guidelines For This Show Only Are: 16 & Over - Anyone Under 21 Requires Parent Or Legal Guardian

APRIL 9-11 - PETE HADDAD (Friday) - GEORGE SATERIAL (Saturday) - ANDY CHARNEY (Sunday) Will Be Our Featured Performers

APRIL 16-18 - PETE HADDAD (Friday) - MALIK HADDADI (Saturday) - MENTALIST JON STETSON (Sunday) Will Be Our Featured Performers

APRIL 23-25 - DIRECT FROM LAS VEGAS JASON BIRD (Friday) - ROBERT CLARKE (Saturday) - MATT ROBERTS (Sunday) Will Be Our Featured Performers