For THIRSTY THURSDAY we present a smorgasbord of comedic talent who will be served up hot, spicy & delicious. These are the top new chefs of comedy from all over who invite you to come and enjoy their sets. It's late on Thursday after a long week, take a break & have a laugh with a bunch of talented comedians sure to tickle everyone's funny bone.

MAY 13 – DARREN RIVERA & KRYSTAL DYER - Headliner DARREN RIVERA, aka The Rice and Bean Joker and Host KRYSTAL DYER both share a love of circus peanuts but imagine their surprise when they realized they also both belt out “I’m every woman” when it comes on the radio. Joining them on stage is KATHRYN GIRONIMI and DEREK CARRAFA who have cardboard cut outs of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in their living room.

MAY 20 - FRANK MURGALO - Laughs will be abundant as FRANK MURGALO, who seems to never leave the kitchen table, & friends offer something for every taste. PAT OATES will be our headliner.  -- Joining FRANK & PAT Will Be A Great Line-up: PAT MCLOUD, SCOTT MACHADO, MATT HEATH, ELIJAH SWAIN, DR. B, CHRIS ROBBLEE, NICO PLIKUS & DANNY SASSO

MAY 27 – JEFF WADE - Local favorite JEFF WADE brings his COMEDY AT LARGE showcase tonight to Comix. -- Joining our Headliner JOHN BUTERA & Host JEFF WADE Will Be A Great Line-Up: LATASHA THOMASSON, CAROLINE FUNG, CHRIS FREY, GREGORY JOSEPH & RAY ALBERTS