For THIRSTY THURSDAY we present a smorgasbord of comedic talent who will be served up hot, spicy & delicious. These are the top new chefs of comedy from all over who invite you to come and enjoy their sets. It's late on Thursday after a long week, take a break & have a laugh with a bunch of talented comedians sure to tickle everyone's funny bone.

SEPT 16 - FRANK MURGALO - Laughs will be abundant as FRANK MURGALO, who seems to never leave the kitchen table, & friends offer something for every taste. PAT OATES will be our headliner.  -- Joining FRANK & PAT Will Be: ANNIE POWELL, JANAYA GONSALVES, MATT HEATH, WILL HOGAN, JEFFREY JOSEPH, NICO PLIKUS, JOEY BUDDHA, ANDREW BALESTIERI, ED SEWARD & RICKY COLE

SEPT 23 – JEFF WADE - Local favorite JEFF WADE brings his COMEDY AT LARGE showcase tonight to Comix. -- Joining our Headliner JOE HILL, Guest Host SHONT VOSKERIJIAN & Host JEFF WADE Will Be: CORY ALBERT, MATT CLARK, J.P. PELLERIN & RAY ALBERTS

SEPT 30 - CHARLIE BAQUET - Here Ye! Here Ye! Gather round as CHARLIE BAQUET and his hand-picked funny men and ladies from across the tri-state area ride into the Comix Roadhouse to fulfill their one true mission: Keep You Laughing!! Be part of the festivities and laugh your socks off, even if you’re not wearing any! Joining CHARLIE On Stage Will Be: Our Headliner PEACHES RODRIGUEZ, SEAN CW DAVIS, KIMBERLY NEVERKIM OSER, MANNY SIERRA, RICKY COLE, ALEC TRACEY, SHARI LINICK, TEDDY REN, JOSH MANDL & COREY MAYO