JIMMY SHUBERT's full contact comedy has led him from headlining The Improv and Comedy Store in Hollywood, to his own stand-up special on Comedy Central, with five years on “King of Queens” and several appearances on “Entourage” for good measure. A veteran of stage and screen, Jimmy is one of the rare triple threats in today’s comedy scene. “Whether it’s in a sold-out three thousand seat theater, or in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan, “my mission is to make ‘em laugh as hard as I can.

Jimmy has produced three albums of his material and his own concert performance DVD, which showcase his hilarious take on the world at large. His hour-long stand-up special “Alive N’ Kickin’” made Top Ten Best Stand Up comedy DVD’s for punchlinemagazine.com, the leading comedy web site in the industry. Jimmy combines the outlook of a modern-day Archie Bunker with an utterly real world sensibility to create signature bits on Starbucks, airport security, the dumbing down of America and relationships.